Monday, September 9, 2013

OBX Training Week 10

Woo hoo! I'm officially over halfway through my training for the Outer Banks Marathon! This week was a step back week in terms of running mileage, but after a few crazy weeks of running and recovering from Hood to Coast, I really wanted to get back on my regular schedule!

Monday: light yoga

Tuesday: Yasso 800s. Completed 8 x 800 for a total of 7.25 miles.
I felt so much stronger than the last time I did this workout a few weeks ago. I will probably try doing it again in a few weeks and get up to 10 repeats.

Wednesday: P90x legs workout
I had an overwhelming and frustrating work day, but still fit in this workout to get some pent up energy out.

Fun side note: My tomatoes are starting to ripen in my garden. Many many more to come! I picked the first ones this week.

Thursday: 3 miles + core
Hot and sweaty 3 miles after work. My legs started out feeling sore from the last two days. After a mile though, they warmed up and I sped up! Paces were: 9:57, 9:07, 8:11. After letting myself cool down for a few minutes, I did a short core workout.

Friday: yoga
Calves were feeling tight, so I made sure to fit in a little more yoga to keep them loose.

Saturday: 5.25 miles with ~3.5 at marathon pace
I squeezed a few miles in in the morning before Ryan and I went out to celebrate our anniversary by going to Santa Rosa, CA for the day. We checked out Russian River Brewery, took a couple mile walk in a pretty local park, did some champagne tasting at Korbel, and went out for a lovely Italian dinner.

{shared a beer sampler because there were so many to taste!}

Sunday: 1650 yd swim
Straight and easy swim for recovery. I hadn't been to the pool in a few weeks, so it was great to be in the water for a little while.

How did your training go last week? Do you like Yasso 800s? Have you used them to predict your marathon time?


  1. Swimming for recovery sounds so appealing right now. The only pool I have access to right now is unfortunately too small to get a substantial swimming workout in. Oh well.
    I prefer mile and mile+ repeats to 800s when marathon training, but 800s are a fun workout and have really helped me with speed for shorter distances.

    1. I think I am going to do some longer repeats for the next couple weeks. :)

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  3. I think I need to give the Yassos a try. But, all I think about is running the 800 in high school and how much that hurt + repeating them over and over and over.... hmmm.

  4. Great Week!! Those tomatoes look amazing!
    I had never seen the Yasso's prediction before! I just looked it up! I do a lot of 6x800s but I have never done 10! Crazy!! I guess I could try but I think I am on the track of what I would like my marathon time to look like! :)


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