Friday, September 13, 2013

A shoe update

It has been a little over a month since I got my shoe fit, so I wanted to give you a quick update on how I'm feeling about my Brooks Ghost 6's.

In general, I am enjoying running in them. However, sometimes I think the size feels a little big -- especially when I first put them on -- and I occasionally struggle to tie them right to fit comfortably on the first try. After a couple re-ties they feel good though. The sizing thing seems day to day. Once I get running, I don't really seem to maybe it's ok!

I think I'm also still getting used to the difference between them and the Ravenna. I have been alternating between the two pairs for the last six weeks. Ravennas have been my running shoe for 3 years, so maybe running in a less supported shoe could take a little bit to get used to. What do you think?

This weekend I will be trying them out for my long run (18 miles!), so I'll have a better idea about how I would like them for running the marathon.

If I'm still unsure after this weekend, I'll probably buy a second pair of shoes for the marathon because my old shoes are really getting worn. I think they have close to 450 miles on them!

Have you always stuck with the same brand/style shoes? Or do you switch it up?

What are your weekend plans? nothing major here besides my long run. I'm kind of looking forward to having a quiet weekend. 


  1. Ever since I started running in Newtons, I never went back. They helped me improve my form. Brooks Running is my first love so I still use them when I go to the gym and for fitness classes. :)

  2. I change up my shoes every couple of years. I have been running in Brooks Glycerin for a couple of years and have recently started wearing Hokas. I have been using both and am having a hard time deciding what shoe I am going to wear for Chicago!!!
    Fun weekend: a couple of parties, a couple of short runs, football!! Have a great quiet weekend in!!


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