Tuesday, September 17, 2013

OBX Marathon Training: Week 11

I'm so happy with how training went this week. I really tried to stay on track, like last week and have good quality training days.

Monday: 1 hour of yoga using the Yoga Studio app.
Just found this app thanks to Starbuck's pick of the week. It's awesome. Quite a few preset workouts, and you can even make your own! Really enjoyed this as a good stretch.

Tuesday: Speed day -- 5 x 1000m with 400m rest on treadmill for total of 5.5 miles.
The last time I tried this workout, my calf cramped before I could finish. I was due for redemption on this workout! I started conservatively, and ramped up the speed each interval. Ended feeling really good!

Wednesday: The usual -- P90x legs workout. Gotta get in the strength training!

Thursday: 4.4 miles steady state run

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 18 mile long run
This run went really well. I felt stronger and kept almost the same pace as my last long run two weeks ago. My shoes felt pretty good too. I was just so happy to be out there, feeling strong and enjoying the day.

At mile 10.5 I stepped on a big rock and rolled my ankle, but it didn't really hurt badly and did not seem to affect my pace. Later in the day it felt a little stiff, but ok for the 5k on Sunday. I didn't really think too much of this until Sunday afternoon.

Sunday: Lets ROC 5k.
You can see my full recap here. I hadn't run a 5k in almost 2 years, so I was due for a good hard run and a new 5k PR. I'm excited by my time since I ran an 18 mile long run the day before!

Sunday afternoon I spent a lot of time lounging. My ankle felt a little stiff again, so I rested for the day after the race, watching football. Starting out this week, I have been keeping things easy, because I think this rolled ankle actually pulled a little muscle on the side of my leg, so I won't do a track workout this week. (The 5k should count for that, right?!?) It is already starting to feel a little better, so I think in a few more days I'll be back to normal. Gotta watch out for rocks now!

PS. I know this mileage is nothing to some people, but this was my highest weekly mileage ever!! Exciting!


  1. Congrats on your highest mileage week! Sounds like you are feeling pretty good right about now :)

  2. Don't sell yourself short - a new mileage high for you is something worth celebrating. Everyone runs and trains differently - embrace and celebrate your milestones. Especially when pursuit of said milestone included a solid 18 mile run AND a 5K PR. :)

    1. Yes, thanks for the reminder about not falling into the comparison trap! I am definitely excited by my new all-time high mileage. I expect to get in a little more in the coming weeks too. :)

  3. Nice work! Congrats on highest mileage EVER!!! You are definitely getting stronger and you are totally going to rock the marathon!!! I got the free app too..I just need to download it and use it!!! :)

  4. What a great week, Kristen!! And glad the ankle is feeling better already! I'd like to try that Yoga Studio app, especially since the only yoga video I have is the P90x one. Thanks for sharing!


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