Saturday, September 22, 2012

The long run

Today I did my third truly "long run" for marathon training. I think things have been going pretty well, but I'm still seriously nervous for the big day.

Random side note, on my run today I saw so many animals. Not like dogs running with wild animals. First, there was a group of turkeys, then a coyote probably like 15 feet from the trail, and a pretty large deer with big antlers. Too bad I don't run with my camera...maybe it's time to start.

So back to this nervous for the marathon thing. According to the RnR LV page, the marathon starts at 3pm, but you have to finish in 4.5 hours. I think it seems a little crazy, especially since the half marathon starts at 4:30pm, and they get 4 hours. I'm nervous because I'm predicting my finish time to be preeeetty darn close to 4.5 hours. And without having completed a marathon before its hard to know what to really expect.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me come race day.

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