Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rest and Recovery

Thank you all for your congratulations on my big marathon PR! It was exciting to cross another marathon finish line, and I know I will do it again someday in the future.

The past week has been filled with rest and recovery. We spent the week in the Outer Banks after the race. I wanted to share a little and show you some photos of the beauty of the ocean and the shore.

Monday, we checked out some of the sights like the largest sand dune at Jockey Ridge State Park while hobbling around on sore legs. We also played some mini golf, and made bets to run into the ocean. In the end we almost all went in -- even those who won the bets!

The middle of the week was quiet lounging around the house due to some cold and windy weather. But the end of the week and over the weekend, we went on some long walks, went fishing, lounged on the beach, played some card games, and ate a lot.

It was so nice to have vacation time after race day!


  1. Wow-so glad you got to stay and hang out there instead of getting right back on a plane. That is the worst after a race!

  2. That feeling that ran your best and can take a deep sigh of relief - priceless!

  3. Vacation after race day sounds fabulous, and gorgeous! What a great way to celebrate: Some beach walking, some relaxing, and just enjoying time together. :)


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