Friday, October 11, 2013

OBX Marathon Training: Week 14

Sorry this post is a little delayed this week. We're already almost through another week! Life has been seriously busy, but going well. Just may make posting a bit light sometimes. Anyway -- on to the good stuff of training last week...

Wow. I really can't believe how close the marathon is getting. Yesterday was already down to 1 month until race day! Last week I was feeling more back to normal with my ankle. I also had my first race of the fall at the San Jose Rock n Roll half marathon! Here's a little about how it went:

Monday: 1 hour yoga
It felt so good to stretch and move my body this day. Some days I just need some yoga!

Tuesday: 4 fast miles.

Wednesday: P90x legs.
We've been doing a good job of keeping up with leg strength routine this fall, which I think is really helping keep some injuries away.

Thursday: 4 miles easy

Friday: rest

Saturday: 30 minutes easy yoga
We drove down to San Jose for packet pickup and had a nice evening checking out the city and relaxing.

Sunday: race day! check out my recap on my 13th half marathon here.

This weekend I'm looking forward to watching the Kona Ironman! Anyone else watching??


  1. I love watching the Kona Ironman....even if I'm balling by the halfway point. So inspirational.

    1. Seriously. I had so much fun watching on Saturday!!

  2. Another week down!! It is going to be here before you know it!! :) I seriously need to start doing strength training. I was doing a little but obviously not enough and not on a schedule like you!! :)
    I was lucky enough to have gotten to my hotel room Saturday night just before Freddy won and then watching Mirianda win was epic! I wanted to watch for longer but I was prepping for the race and going to bed!! :)


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