Thursday, July 4, 2013

Marathon Training 2.0 -- OBX

So this week is officially the start of my marathon training cycle for the OBX Marathon.

Since this will be my second marathon, I'm hoping I can do things a little bit better after learning more about what works for me in round 1. 

Because of my past knee issues, and my love for too many different activities, I'll be subscribing to the 3 days per week of running plan -- something similar to the Run Less Run Faster philosophy. In general, it will go something like this: M - strength (arms), T - speedwork, W - strength (legs), Th - tempo/hills, F - rest or yoga, Sa - long run, Su - rest or swim or bike. Strength days will also include some core work.

I put together a 19 (yeah, I know...weird number) week plan with a nice slow mileage buildup, but leaving plenty of time for some other fun races thrown into the mix including one or two more triathlons, Hood to Coast, and a couple half marathons.

My big goal is to be more consistent on completing all scheduled runs. Last fall I let myself slip a little, both on runs and on strength training (legs) and yoga/stretching as the weeks went by. I think the strengthening and stretching aspects are really key for a successful race and to keep me without injury so I'm going to focus on being more consistent there too. Previously, I was trying to do a leg strength day on the day before my long runs -- that left me without enough umph for completing a good strong long run. So this go-round, I'm changing it up and making it Wednesday instead.

I think I am coming in with a much stronger base this year too, due to staying on top of running this spring and early summer, which makes entering this training cycle also better than last year. I'm really excited about a new round of training!

Hope you had a great 4th of July!! Did you do anything to celebrate? We went to a friend's house to hang at the pool and then another for a BBQ. But not until after a morning run and hitting the pool for a few laps. Holidays are perfect for getting in some extra exercise!!


  1. After running a relay a few weeks ago, I am that much more excited to run HTC! When we lived in NoVA, I was always eyeing OBX marathon, we would often vacation there... it sounds dreamy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. I have never been to OBX before -- I'm really looking forward to it!

  2. Good luck with marathon training! I start training for NWM on Monday!

  3. My fourth: Run 20 miles (amen for the extra exercise!), then enjoy BBQ with my family and a few dear friends. Great day!

  4. Sounds like you have a great plan!! Good Luck!! I think strength training is so important! I need to do more of it!!

    Had a great 4th with friends in my college town!!

  5. Running OBX? Jealous! That's got to be a great one! You are not alone with training, we are all getting there!! -- Ericka @ The Sweet Life

  6. It sounds like you have a great plan! I agree that following your plan more diligently is such a game changer -- physically and mentally. That has been my key focus for training for my fall half Ironman this year. Good luck with your training. Can't wait to follow along with your progress!


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